A local police chief was found murdered in the interior of an old run-down cottage in New Jersey, and along with him is a young woman lying dead on the living room floor. Jack Redear was deployed to investigate the case. The investigation he undertakes is the most brilliant detective work of his career. The murder is part of a serial killing spree, one with national security implications. Through twist after twist, Redear fights to understand the eerie cottage mystery.

Gripping and moving, The Cottage Mystery showcases John Herold’s unparalleled storytelling prowess as he takes you to a different kind of mystery.



With the election for the mayoral position just a week away, the town has been plagued with an uprise of several murders. Two detectives were assigned to the case, only to have them realize that all the leads steer to nothing. Everyone in the town is on edge. It is only when the big day of the election came that they found out their frightening answer.

Rich with drama and unforgettable characters, The Election Murders is a sweeping saga of a town’s fatality in the quest for power.



The One-legged Cowboy chronicles the story of a cowboy who works on a meager income to herd the unruly and skittish longhorn cattle, rope the strays and brand them, and be able to drive the herds many, many miles to the railroads in Kansas for shipment back East. Life hit him hard, but the cowboy was extremely devoted to his partners on the range and would die fighting for them. 

Across the rugged and beautiful landscape of the contemporary American West, the one-legged cowboy paints an unsparing portrait of the flawed, funny, and sometimes triumphant efforts of a cowboy.

In lean but passionate prose, Herold demystifies the image of the cowboy as a celluloid hero and introduces us to the tough life a day-to-day cowboy has to conquer.



Tom is a capable worker in the field of science, but he has two vices: drinking and women. His adventure starts when his cousin gives him a ten-day vacation in Alaska. The vacation turned out to be catastrophic as Tom found himself tangled in a series of unfortunate events, including finding himself clutched at the center of a government sting operation.

John Herold unwinds the spool of this tale’s masterful narrative and will take you peering into the world of a high-stakes thrill ride.


Benjamin Costa and Raphael de Goya have been in a long-running feud as tycoons of two rival corporations in Brazil. Despite their wealth and power, the two men are not satisfied. In the quest for more, they are vying to find the gold hidden in the forbidden parts of the Amazon jungle. Police Chief Compos is also journeying towards the jungle, but for a different purpose. A corruption case eventually crosses his desk. Compos found himself in the middle of the war between the two tycoons and has all of a sudden become in charge of putting a stop to the feud.

Gold Fever is a riveting tale of the backwaters of the deep pockets and is an elaborate and ferreting conspiracy that will grip its audiences from start to finish.

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